Our Spiritual Family

Decades of Service to Christ

In 1979, Bishop Samuel Stafford and Mother Yvonne Stafford founded Faith Tabernacle Holiness Church of the Apostolic Faith . Decades have passed, and we continue to share a lifestyle of worship and prayer to the residents of Columbus, OH. Together with our church leaders, we are adamant about fulfilling our mission to preach the Gospel of Jesus and building a Christian community of believers committed to serving our Lord.

The church was established 36 years ago on Main Street in Columbus, OH before we moved to our current location. Bishop Stafford pastored until Jan, 2014 when he turned over the pastorship to now Pastor Victor Bowman, who sat under Bishop Stafford’s leadership and teaching for over 20 years. Pastor Bowman was co-pastor for many years and taught Sunday school. He also taught the value of leadership through mentorship, showing his faithfulness, passion, and conviction for the Word as a wonderful man of God.